Pure Neodymium Strong Magnets From Klikyballs

Strong Magnets

                           Neodymium Magnets

A good number of every day appliances we use contain rare earth magnets. Needless to say, the significance of strong magnets is increasing in line with the growth of technology. Latest electronic gadgets and home appliances use rare earth magnets more often than ever before for the simple reason that they are strong magnets. Besides that, they are more compact than other magnets. The appliances that use rare earth strong magnets include refrigerators, dryers, washers and vacuum cleaners. None of these appliances can work without the support of strong magnets. In addition to the home appliances, electronic gadgets that we use often such as cell phones, digital cameras, thin-screen televisions and PCs are also powered by strong magnets.

Availability of rare earth magnets

In the past, rare earth magnets like neodymium magnets were found scarce. Thankfully, the advancements in technology have improved their availability. Since they are used in a variety of devices and appliances, more studies and researches are conducted to improve their availability. Today, they are not scarce to find. Often, you can find them in shapes like disc, ring, block, cube or arc. For larger manufacturing units, ones shipped as large spheres are cylinders.

The process of manufacturing neodymium rare earth strong magnets

Two different processes are involved in the manufacturing of neodymium magnets. Firstly, they are bonded. Sometimes, they are sintered as well. Following that, they are made to undergo a compacting process in which alloy powders are used. Once they are compacted well, the next processing is heating them. This purpose of heating them is to make them sintered magnet.

Bonded magnets are strong. They have got more capacity for attraction and repellence. Moreover, they are resistant to corrosion. To make them smoother, a final coating of nickel or copper is added.

Buckeye balls made of rare earth neodymium strong magnets

Although there are many buckeye balls brands, only a few of them use neodymium magnets, for instance KlikyBalls.

Sintered Magnet

                            Rare Earth Magnets


The reason why KlikyBalls are more durable and efficient than other buckeye balls is because they are made of rare earth neodymium magnets. They have more magnetic power than common buckeye balls available in the market.

KlikyBalls are worth each penny you pay for. They last for a lifetime and give you unending fun. You can mould them into any shape, design, or pattern that you have in the mind. Get KlikyBalls right away.

Stress Relief And Entertainment Through Klikyballs

Bucky Balls

                      Buckeye Balls

Bucky balls have got several advantages. They can be a means of entertainment. With them, you don’t feel bored because they give you the best time pass. Moreover, they help you improve your creative thinking. Your mind does not stay idle when you use bucky balls for time pass. What are bucky balls? How do they work? Do they help one relive stress? Well, if you have any of these questions in your mind, carry on reading this article and find your answers.

To begin with, let me explain what bucky balls are. Bucky balls are magnetic spheres. They are called by different names by different people. Some call it buckeye balls while others call it stress balls. They come as a set. In a set, you will find 216 of them. You can use them to mould shapes, designs and patterns. This is possible because stress balls are made of magnets. Each ball has got two poles, one with the power for attraction and the other for repelling. Consequently, you are able to join them together and mould any shape that you have in your mind. They remain clung to each other until you forcefully separate them.

Do bucky balls help relieve stress?

That buckeye balls can help one relieve stress is not known to many. In fact, the primary purpose of using buckeye balls is to relieve stress. When you start aligning buckeye balls, your entire concentration is diverted into it. As a result, you forget your worries, stress and frustrations and are able to engage in the productive entertainment it gives. Use buckeye balls on a regular basis and I am sure you will see miraculous improvement in the manner you approach stressful events. It helps you be more logical and take decisions more quickly than before.

Pioneer In Buckeye Balls

                             Stress Balls


If you want to spend your leisure time more qualitatively, productively and relaxingly, get a set of buckeye balls. When you make your choice of buckeye balls, make sure that you choose the most efficient and reputed one. Being a pioneer in buckeye balls, KlikyBalls have got more popularity than any other brands.

KlikyBalls are available in multiple sizes and colours. If you are buying it for your family, discuss with your partner or children as to what colour they prefer and make your choice of it. Remember; do not engage small children in any games with bucky balls, owing to safety concerns.

Get Rid Of Stress Using KlikyBalls

Science Toys

                       KlikyBalls Science Toys

When you are born human, stress is inescapable. You have to live with some sort of stress all the time. It can be job related, relationship, family or anything.

Sometimes stress is necessary, it gets you out of bed. However, when stressful situations increase, it can adversely affect your physical and mental health. You may not know it now if you are young, but as you start aging, the accumulated stress can affect your health severely.

There can be various health related issues that you might suffer from in the future. Therefore, you need to nip such stress in the bud. There are various ways to alleviate stress such as by playing with science toys and indulging in some fun activities. However, when it comes to stress-relief KlikyBalls is arguably one of the best science toys ever. Here are some obvious benefits of using KlikyBalls magnetic science toys.

Beating stress with KlikyBalls

Magnets, without doubt, are one of those amazing science toys that are equally loved by everyone. Children love them because they are simply magical, intriguing, yet easy to play with and master. Parents, on the other hand, find them useful because they can use magnetic science toys to make their children learn a variety of wonderful skills.

KlikyBalls science toys consist of 216 super-strong small and shiny magnetic balls. These magnetic balls are actually neodymium magnets, which is a type of magnet prepared using rare-earth metals. Neodymium magnets are super strong, so these little magnetic balls can be used to create various sculptures. The best part of KlikyBalls is the fact that there are near endless possibilities when it comes to creating amazing shapes, structures, and patterns with it.

Stressful Situations

                             Best Science Toys

The only limit, if there is any, is the extent of your imagination. You may even experience many ‘eureka’ moments as inventors do, when you create a sculpture that no one else has ever made. No words can adequately describe the kind of pleasure you gain during such moments. You can share your joy with your friends, colleagues, and family, while at the same time, this entire process beats off your stress easily.

You can take regular breaks from your stressful office work to create beautiful sculptures with KlikyBalls science toys. Say good-bye to stress and boredom, as you have infinite opportunities to explore using these amazing magnetic balls.

So, get rid of all your pent up stress by playing with KlikyBalls. Order your own set of KlikyBalls today!

Use Buckyballs To Improve Your Art Skills

geek toys

                  Exceptional Geek toys

Toys are considered the best way to relieve a person’s mind from the daily work and personal tensions or pressure. Most people tend to make use of many solutions in order to make their mind free from worries and tensions but none is considered as effective as Buckyballs. Most of them tend to hear songs, watch TV, etc to get relief from stress but it may not be practical or ethical to rely on such practices while at work. This is because most companies do not allow their staff to make use of any entertainment devices or gadgets. However, Buckyball geek toys, a type of magnetic geek toys can be employed at work or office to effectively combat stress and other emotional problems.

One of the most exciting geek toys out there is Buckyballs. By using Buckyball geek toys, a person will be able to create unlimited shapes and patterns. These toys are generally a set of 216 strong earth magnets, which can be joined together to form variety of geometric shapes and figures. The most exciting part is the fact that it can be operated in any way and there are no special instructions. All you have to use is your own imagination and skills. Pull these magnetic balls apart and by using your own imagination form many geometrical shapes and figures.

magnetic balls

                         Geek toys for fun

It is possible for a person to from any patterns or shapes that is known to man. These geek toys stick to one another because of their magnetic properties. In a magnet, there are two poles, in which one will repel whereas the other will attract. It is this mutual magnetic force of attraction that makes it possible to make the toys manipulated in to various forms, which represents a complex figure or pattern. Moreover, playing with Buckyball geek toys will tremendously stimulates both halves of the human brain and will help the younger ones understand the geometric and mathematic subjects easily.


KlikyBalls is also a set of 216 strong magnetic balls, which can be used to form various fun shapes and patterns by joining magnets to each other. There are two poles for a magnet. One will attract whereas the other will repel. This will make it possible for you to form many shapes and patterns. You can operate it without using any instructions and it provides lots of fun to both the children and adults. It is strong, durable and will not break easily.

Looking for an effective solution to ease off your pressure and tensions, then order KlikyBalls today itself.

Basics Of Creating Magnetic Ball Sculptures

Neodymium Magnet

            Neodymium Magnet Info

There are many toy concepts that have come up over the years. KlikyBalls magnetic desk toy is probably one of the best ever. This is because of the many possible time killing opportunities you have while playing with them.

It is an excellent office diversion. KlikyBalls set consists of 216 cute magnetic spheres, using which you can create your own structure, shape, design, or pattern. There are no restrictions at all; you can create as many shapes you want, and you can do it over and over again. Since they are made up of powerful neodymium magnet, you can create a variety of three dimensional sculptures with KlikyBalls. Moreover, you can invent your own game using these neodymium magnet balls.

Basics of sculpture creation using KlikyBalls

Let us learn some of the basics of creating neodymium magnet ball sculptures. Attaching these neodymium magnet balls together, you can create many amazing structures. However, there is a basic logic in making these complex structures. This is because these balls are actually strong magnets, which exhibit amazing magnetic properties. While creating the sculptures, you just have to factor in the complexity of handling the magnetic poles of the magnets.

The most common form made with KlikyBalls is the looped square join, which consists of two strings of magnets clumped together. This is automatically formed when a loop of balls becomes large enough. This structure has magnetic fields in opposite directions. Actually, the two strings of neodymium magnet balls are only weakly attracted, and it is possible to separate it easily at one end separating them, much as you see in a zipper. The most famous neodymium magnet balls structure, the “Cube” is completely sculpted from such a join.

Three Dimensional Sculptures

            Neodymium Magnet Help

Another side-by-side join is the zigzag type of chain join. This way, all the balls line up in the same direction by creating a very strong magnetic field. The strings will have the tendency to repel each other though, and only when they get very close to each other in the zigzag pattern, the strings will chain together.

The magnetic field of KlikyBalls is pretty strong, and it is near to impossible to pull the strings apart without destroying the structure formed using chain join. An Icosahedron is a good example of a structure created using a zigzag or chain joins.

So, try designing your own creations with these unique neodymium magnet balls. You have infinite opportunities to create near to endless number of sculptures and designs. Buy KlikyBalls for a perfect pastime.

Mold And Shape Bucky Balls Into Unlimited Structures And Forms

Bucky Balls

                     Uses Of Bucky Balls

Bucky balls are made from rare earth magnetic materials called neodymium. A set of Bucky ball consists of 216 magnetic spheres with which you will be able to mold and shape different forms and structures. These great toys help a great deal in developing different skills and abilities in your child. It develops logical reasoning skills, analytical thinking, imagination and develops communication skills.

Bucky balls are useful in many ways. Since they help a great deal in stress management, the toy is one of the most favorite toys among grownups. The toy has the ability to elevate mood; therefore, it is the best toy to play with when you are low. The number of forms and structures that you make with these wonderful toys has no bounds.

You can have Bucky balls set in the office desk, to make different shapes when you find free time in office. Instead of playing games on the computer, take your gaze away from these screens and involve yourself with some physical activities. Since there are certain constraint on things you can do, playing with Bucky balls will be the best option.

Bucky balls help in training the brain: they are able to train both the sides simultaneously. There are different roles for each side of the brain. The left side of the brain is said to adept at tasks that need logical reasoning, language skills and analytical thinking. They also work well with numbers and reasoning. The right side of the brain is capable of controlling the left side of the whole body along with which they are able to recognize faces, read emotions and many more. Bucky balls do the task of brain training in the most efficient way.


Analytical Thinking

                          Bucky Balls Set

Klikyballs is a type of Bucky balls that is one of the most effective toys that helps in the development of cognitive and creative thinking abilities in a child. Klikyballs are one of those toys which when implemented with the regular teaching, helps a great deal in learning better. When a student is taught his math and geometry lessons with the help of the structures made from Klikyballs, they will be able to grasp the topic quickly and perform better during the tests.

Klikyballs set is priced at 29.99 dollars with many offers to go with it. To make play time more fun, Klikyballs come in different colors like green, blue, yellow and many more. In short, the entire family gains with the use of Klikyballs right from young kids to grownups. Order today!

Some Of The Best Features Of Magnetic Science Toys

Science Toys

Buckyballs Among The Best Science Toys

You would realize that science is a perfect time killer when you play with the buckyballs. The buckyballs are one of the of science toys that are strong magnetic spheres made from rare earth magnets. It is high time to put aside the Rubik’s cube and start playing with the most powerful desktoy, the buckyballs.

These science toys allow the one playing with it to make complex structures and shapes. They can make various patterns, make fancy and funky jewelry, and use it as a fridge magnet. They are strong enough to hold papers; hence, you can use these spherical magnets to hang photos or papers on the fridge or at your desk.

It is good to have them at your desk since they make a great desktoy. This toy helps relieve stress better than no other toy. Is it not a great idea to spend your leisure time at office making fun shapes with your colleagues? Some of the best features of the science toys are as follows.

  • They are rare earth magnets with super magnetic power.
  • You will enjoy a great deal making puzzles, sculptures, shapes, patterns and jewelry.
  • The set contains 216 magnetic balls.
  • These science toys are meant only for adults and should be kept away from children.
  • They are of the magnetic grade N35.

When you play with buckyballs, they stimulate the brain and get it indulged in activities wherein it will have to think and imagine. Hence, this is the way of increasing the imagination power. The buckyballs can keep you entertained for hours together. Once you start playing with these science toys, you would not stop making shapes out of it. People have never been able to get rid of the obsession of playing with these educational toys!


     Science Toys Designed To Relax


Klikyballs are one of the science toys that are smooth spheres. They possess magnetic properties as they are made of magnetic materials. One of the sides repel while the other side attracts. You would never need a user manual, as you can start playing with them the moment you get them. They last for a long time and do not break.

Klikyballs are designed in such a way that they possess the ability to alleviate stress. Klikyballs can be molded, twisted, pulled and crushed. All these activities help release the stress and tension from the body. Order now, for enjoying your leisure time with these wonderful science toys.

Eliminate Stress And Have Unlimited Fun With The Magnetic Spheres


               Advantages Of Buckyballs

Job pressure and stress are unavoidable factors that we have to encounter on a regular basis. One of the best ways to eliminate depression or stress is to indulge in some leisure activities. People resort to watching movies or listening to their favorite music tracks to unwind during stressed situations. At the same time, this is not always possible while you are busy at your work place. The good news is that we have a perfect solution to tackle this problem and it is known as buckyballs. The below mentioned facets will tell you more about the advantages of using buckyballs.

Advantages of buckyballs

We can see that buckyballs proves to be an effective respite from office pressure and tensions. This is because buckyballs are compact and cute magnetic spheres. There are two distinct magnetic poles in every sphere. One pole will repel and the other one will attract. We can quickly detach and attach buckyballs to create countless shapes and designs. The creativity and imagination of a person will be enhanced while they play with the compact magnetic spheres. A new pattern will emerge at the end of every design that you create with the bucky balls. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy unlimited fun while you play with these magnetic spheres.

These magnetic balls come in a wide variety of dazzling colors. This is why they appear to be very attractive to the onlookers. You can use the compact magnetic spheres to decorate your office desk. Besides that, you can place them on your office walls and impress your guests and colleagues. The unique desktop toy is gaining popularity like never before. One of the greatest advantages of the magnetic spheres is that you will be able to improve your cognitive powers in a significant way. KlikyBalls are also magnetic spheres that are very similar to buckyballs.


Leisure Activities

                Magnetic Buckyballs

KlikyBalls are touted as one of the best magnetic desktop toys available in the stores. You can use KlikyBalls to form several interesting patterns. Besides that, you can use KlikyBalls to get instant stress relief. Hereafter, worries and stress will not affect you play with KlikyBalls. One of the greatest benefits is that you will be able to enhance your concentration, improve your analytical capabilities and brush up your reasoning skills with the regular use of KlikyBalls. This in turn will enable you to make your office hours more productive and enjoy leisure times with much fun.

Have A Good Time With Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

                 Get Bucky Ball Magnets

Bucky balls are magnetic toys that form a structure similar to that of the carbon molecules in Buckminster fullerene. Most magnetic balls in the market are now termed as bucky balls due to this feature. These toys are considered as the new Rubik’s cube, because they help in boosting brain activity. They also help in busting stress buildup. The stress busting property of these magnetic balls is the reason it’s used as a stress ball. Most office-goers prefer to have a desktop with them in the office to relieve stress.

Bucky balls are now the most popular desk toys in the market due to their amazing property to bust stress. Unlike Rubik’s cube, you do not have a specific objective to complete with bucky balls. This is the advantage that bucky balls have against Rubik’s cube. The fun never ends as you can always go for creating new shapes and structures and the best part is that these structures would be unique as the idea for the structure comes from your head. Once you have solved the Rubik’s cube, you will not have any interest in playing with it and you may discard it. With magnetic balls, there is no such situation as you can always go for creating new shapes and structures.

However there is one thing that you need to be careful about while working with bucky balls; if you are looking to create multi layer structures, you need to be careful while placing the magnets. As trying to place the magnetic balls with the wrong polarity will result in a magnetic mess and your work for hours would be gone.

Desk Toys

                      Kliky Balls

KlikyBalls are a type of bucky balls and are the most popular toys that are available in the market now. You can have unlimited fun with these magnetic balls as you have the freedom to create any shapes or structures with the magnetic balls. The best thing about magnetic balls from KlikyBalls is that you get 216 balls from a single set of KlikyBalls. Since these magnetic balls are made from high quality N35 grade neodymium, the magnetic force will not deteriorate too soon.

If you are looking for a smart and affordable desk-toy, order KlikyBalls from their official site for amazing offers. Hurry up, only limited stocks are available in Gold and Silver colors.

Magnetic Balls: A Perfect Pass Time Desk Toy


                   Magnetix Balls

There are games that you find exciting and maybe even get obsessed with, only to lose interest after playing for some time. If you know what the game has to offer, and if you have done every possible thing with it then you get bored. There are very few games available which can offer endless joy and entertainment. KlikyBalls magnetix desk toy is one such.

KlikyBalls magnetix desk toy is set of 216 cute magnetic balls (strong neodymium magnets). There is art, fun and even logic involved while creating beautiful structures using these magnetix balls. You can fold them, meld them into countless shapes. The shapes can be anything from abstract art to pure geometric shapes. You can make a flat design or even a 3D design.


KlikyBalls Magnetic balls can help relieve your boredom. You can never get bored because there are near endless opportunities that you have left to try using these amazing magnetix balls. You can create whatever shape or design you wish to make. You can even create random shapes without much thought or logic involved (like the unconscious and unfocused way of drawing you see in doodling.)

KlikyBalls Magnetic desk toy has much to offer to people with different brains and different dispositions. We know that no two people are exactly alike. There are differences, minor or major. Some are impatient and get angry very fast. Even the most impatient person would willingly work patiently to express their creativity. When you are so focused at creating what structure you love to make, there is hardly any time to get bored or impatient.

Magnetic Balls

                        Magnetix Desk Toy

KlikyBalls magnetix desk toy is also one of the best solutions for stress relief. Stress is a significant and inescapable fact of modern life. This is why stress toys have become so popular today. KlikyBalls magnetix balls are not your regular stress toy, they’re far better. These magnetic balls can help you feel good during job stress. You can focus your pent up frustrations into creating something beautiful. You can take breaks to play with this toy, whenever you’re stressed. It can help you become calm, composed and contented.

These smooth magnetic balls are so awesome that you just hate to put them down. They give the best chance to forget whatever that has been stressing your mind. So, if you love fun and don’t want to get bored, KlikyBalls magnetic desktoy provides the best way to pass time.